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We all deserve redemption.


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Streets are erupting, people are hurting, and our world is begging for change. It's time to interrupt the violence and paint a brighter future.

Cobe Williams is the real deal. We have worked together for over a decade now. Noah’s Arc Foundation, my organization, leads citywide basketball tournaments for peace, working in collaboration with Cobe. This work wouldn’t be possible without him. In fact, Cobe is the work. He makes it happen. Cobe inspires me. Truth. His passion, his work, his integrity. It is inspiring.

Joakim Noah

Former NBA Player & Founder of Noah's Arc Foundation

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#MOREORANGE is the call to action in Cobe's new book as he lays the roadmap for change in our communities for the good and forever. 
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Ricardo “Cobe” Williams is an award-winning peacekeeper, community activist, and public speaker who has spent the past decade training 1000+ violence interrupters in mediation and conflict resolution strategies across 52 sites in 23 US cities as well as dozens more all over the globe. He also developed the peace tournament model alongside NBA players in Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Orleans using basketball to reduce violence.


Cobe began his career as a violence interrupter with CeaseFire Illinois in Englewood on Chicago’s south side. His work was chronicled in the award-winning film “The Interrupters” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and aired on PBS’ FRONTLINE in January, 2012 as a two-hour special. Mr. Williams then went on to become Deputy Director of Cure Violence (CeaseFire’s parent organization), overseeing their national and international work. He also worked as the Community Outreach Director for Noah’s Arc Foundation helping NBA star Joakim Noah create art workshops, sports tournaments, and the renowned “Rock Your Drop” Campaign in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, and Memphis. 


He has received the Hero Award from world famous psychologist Phillip Zimbardo, the United Nations Peace Award, and recognition from former Illinois governor Pat Quinn, the Mayor of Milwaukee, University of Illinois at Chicago and Chicago State University. He has appeared on Vice, People Magazine, The Guardian, and numerous other media outlets.

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#MoreOrange means you want to get involved in meaningful ways to help end the senseless violence—worldwide. Orange is the official color of anti-violence and with each event, program, social media interaction, media event, and with his new book, you learn the skills he has used globally to de-escalate the most violent communities. Join us in putting more orange into our communities.

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The only way the world changes is if YOU become part of the change itself. Orange is the official color of anti-violence and Cobe is on a mission to 'cover the globe in more orange' using the power of people in action. #MoreOrange is the official tour name as Cobe embarks on a national city-driven tour teaching everyone how to interrupt the violence in their own communities. Many special events are planned so get on the newsletter so you can join us.

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COMING 2024!

Interrupting Violence follows Cobe as he undertakes this redemption journey, offering new hope for the nation's most violent communities. Cobe takes readers into an often misunderstood and misrepresented aspect of the Black experience in America. As the country wrestles with the inequities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and the complex intersections of urban violence, racial issues, police brutality, and poverty in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder, this book provides an inspiring blueprint. Cobe's story demonstrates how the country can resolve the issues plaguing our inner cities. CLICK HERE to learn more about Cobe and Co-Author Josh Gryniewicz.

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